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Cooperation instead of confrontation-

the future belongs to an interdisciplinary science!

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Latin has been replaced by English in the world of international science, which we can all live with.
But the new view of the world also requires a fusion of scientific disciplines that are often still suspicious against one another - overcoming this is our concern.

Knowledge obliges!
Research and teaching are required to intervene in real life in a daily life that is frighteningly, and almost always, predominantly characterized by emotions, there is no more time for noble restraint, for even the "ivory tower of science" is no nuclear bunker...

In the discourse about what the building blocks of an expanded science of the 21st century could be, we are all challenged to enjoy the privilege of thinking, writing and researching without external limitations!
Your building block is very welcome here.


Your contact for questions about the project is...

Hugh-Friedrich  Lorenz